The Six

Shadowfell Foyer Fun!

Chill, dudes! We're just checking out the club! OR Naps before D&D are good.

The Six set out towards the spooky ruins of the ancient keep now known only as Shadowfell Keep.

It’s pretty much just a jumble of stones at this point having been completely destroyed by the last Great Earthquake. Still, someone, or someTHING (goblins, duh) has cleared a path to a trap door to the lower levels.

Opening the trap door they descend on stairs cut into the bedrock….

... And find that the bottom is surprisingly well lit. And watched over by a few feisty looking hobgoblins. Nothing like the goblins the heroes have encountered thus far, the hobgoblins are very militant and extremely disciplined.

They begin to taunt the heroes trying to lure them into a pit trap in the middle of the room. Underneath the pit is a rat swarm.

The heroes, by now no strangers to big holes in the ground hiding bad things, avoid the area as best they can. They go around the central area and try to flank the hobgoblin soldiers while taking some arrows from the ones behind. For a while they hold their own but the sneaky bastard goblins go around the corner and bull rush Caldera into the pit! RATS!

Around this time Meagan, playing Orla, decided that her hard day at work was too much and fell asleep face down on her character sheet. Hey, we’ve all been there…

She was shuffled off to bed and another player took over her character.

The fight continued with some more bullrushes and pit shenanigans. At one point there was a rules breach wherein a goblin should have made a step after rushing but didn’t which allowed Thorfin to come in and do the usual ass kicking. Oh well…. I’ve got to pay more attention or at least not drink as much….


Fuck that….

Anyway, the last hobgoblin soldiers proved to be quite a fight since, for whatever reason, our heroes couldn’t hit the broad side of a fucking barn with a bastard sword or anything else for that matter. They took a bit of a beating and used quite a bit of their resources defeating the guards. But not before, unfortunately for them, one of the archers managed to slip away to the Eastern corridor yelling about intruders.

And this is where we are left…. Moments after a fight with powers used, a sneaky bastard hobgoblin racing off to warn… Something that they’re there. No rests were spoken of so far.

Will our heroes pursue the alarm giver and rush into the next encounter thusly gaining a milestone and an extra action point?

Will they decide to explore one of the other hallways / doorways available to them?

Will they puss out and try to take a rest? If so, will they be able to actually do that since they just busted into a stronghold of the enemy and let someone go that could warn who knows what?

Will they take time to search the area for treasure and hidden doors and what have you thusly giving the enemy more time to mount a formidable defense against them?

Or will they do what adventuring parties always do and come up with some totally random shit that I’ll have not thought of before and have to figure out on the fly?

Time will tell….

And we’ll let you know in the next installment!




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