The Six

The Broken Tower

Who is the bad guy here? OR You must learn to walk before you can fly OR "I just want to drink some grog!"

As The Six set out, they come across a small hamlet on the King’s Road beset by a band of goblins who have taken up shop in a local ruin known as The Broken Tower.

This was run pretty much straight out of the book Dungeon Delve. It’s the second adventure in the book. I did a slight modification on the final boss giving him some beefed up stats because there are six members of the party.

The locals ask that they investigate the tower and destroy the denizens that have been squatters there. They have been raiding their fields and generally been jerks. A simple smash and grab.

As they come upon the tower Orla shape-changed into a very large bee and flew above the tower to scout. Being a druid with the wild shape power this seemed perfectly fine. It was only after she started to fly around I realized that the rules specifically state that movement types are not affected by this change and I had encountered the very reason why in this situation. I told her she could see a room at the top but not really make out any details other than a large chair and some black stuff (the wolves’ bedding) in a corner.

Back down on the ground she changed into a wild boar while the others took up positions on either side of the door. The plan was for Orla to charge about the room being confusing and a general annoyance. The doors were flung open and she charged into the room attacking a group of goblins playing cards at a small table in the middle of the room. Everyone else stormed inside and general mayhem ensued. As each of the surprised goblins died they had but one thing to say. “I just wanted to play some cards and drink some grog!.... Blegh!”

A large bloke in the corner waddled in and caused a bit of consternation for the party but as his minions were dropping like flies he ran back to the corner and wailed on a large gong. After this the party heard some scuffling from upstairs and they knew that the other residents were alerted to their presence.

As the party was wiping up the large bloke went over to to a large, boiling pot of spicy beverage that had been stirred by a now-dead small bloke. As he died from a thrust of Typhus’ sword he tipped over the boiling pot in an attempt to scald the bastards to death. As he did so he screamed, “I JUST WANTED TO DRINK SOME GROG!!!!” Then he died…

Typhus, for his part, nimbly jumped over the wave of boiling grog as did the rest of the party.

They decided to take an extended rest in the basement of the tower despite the fact that the alarm had been raised. Orla used her ritual Create Campsite in the corner of the room to hide them. Some goblins snuck down the stairs from above and saw the carnage all around. The party, being hidden by the spirits of the ritual to look like a stack of crates and shit, were hidden from them. They got scared and went back upstairs granting the party a full rest, hot meal and much jovial posturing and grunting.

On getting to the second floor the were beset by a goblin hexer and some snipers. The whole middle of the floor was a pit trap but they perceived it. Orla changed into an owl and flew over it. I allowed it but this was the last time I would do so. As soon as she got to the other side the hexer blinded her and she took some damage.

Lia was previously bemoaning that her powers against undead were useless but then some skeletons in the corner came to life and she had to revise her thinking. Not to mention all the Orcus shit that was to go down soon but that’s a story for later…

Anyway, they made their way through that floor despite a number of rounds where they should have just jumped over a small fence to kill the snipers.

Then it was on to the last level. Not much to say about that.

Some characters got pushed into the pit in the middle and were set upon by wolves. The goblin underboss tried to bullrush some characters off the edge of the tower but nobody was in a very good position.

They killed all the bastards up on the third floor but not before the underboss yelled, “I JUST WANTED TO DRINK SOME GROG!!”

Amongst the treasures they found a note from Balgron the Fat. The plot thickens….



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