Young man who had hoped to marry Melinda.


Kenneth was a hopeful young man. He fell in love with Melinda and planned to marry her. He just had to save up enough to get a ring for her. Not an easy thing to do since he was basically an unskilled, head in the clouds farm boy.

Never the less, he managed to get a ring. In the mean time Melinda had run away from her abusive parents. He tried to follow her and fulfill their dream of living alone in the hills with a goat and small vegetable patch until they died together at a ripe old age.

Unfortunately some kobolds waylaid him and took him prisoner to be used as a sacrifice in a nefarious ritual to bring fossilized dragon eggs back to life. He managed to escape the kobolds but fell into a pit in the middle of the cavern complex. He was killed alone in the dark by a corrupted, evil tree whose roots whipped him to death and sucked the blood from his corpse.


But then The Six found him, his note from Melinda and the ring he was to wed her with.

As Thorfin was to find, Kenneth was not completely gone from the world…

His memories and love were imbued in the ring and when forcibly put upon Melinda’s finger these helped break the evil bond with Orcus in her mind.


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