Headstrong young woman who slid into unwilling service of Orcus as a bandit leader while waiting for her true love, Kenneth.


Melinda effectively had the stat block of a level 4 human berserker. She had the added power of being able to raise fallen minions as zombie rotters.


Melinda’s parents were very abusive and she grew to hate them and almost everyone else she’d ever met. Except for Kenneth that is. He treated her with kindness and promised to take her away where they could build a home together away from the hatred of her life.

While waiting for him to follow through she ran away. She sent a letter but heard nothing back from him. Thinking he was simply lying and didn’t actually love her any more than anyone else ever had her heart grew increasingly hard. She took to banditry with a ferocity unseen on the King’s Road for many years. She became the leader of a gang. They killed the kobold inhabitants of a cave behind a waterfall outside [[Winterhaven]] and harried caravans on the tracks winding through the rough lands.

Soon emissaries from a creature calling himself [[Balgrun]] made a deal with her. They would send people they wanted eliminated to the waterfall. They could keep whatever they found on the bodies. In return they would promise to come to the aid of Balgrun and his secret master in Shadowfell Keep if they ever needed to call upon them.

Easy enough…

But there was another, darker price to pay. The evil of Orcus was seeping through the gate and insinuated itself in her mind. She became a slave to Orcus’ great will and was to be one of his brides in undeath when he broke through the gate and began his evil reign in this world.

Luckily The Six came a knocking and they happened to have Kenneth’s ring. It was imbued with the love he held for her and the memories of the good times they had spent together. When it was forcibly put on her finger in the middle of a desperate battle it broke the binding magic of Orcus and freed her from his slavery. She stopped attacking the adventurers and set to against the undead she herself had raised with terrible fury. When they were down she collapsed, exhausted in body, mind and spirit.

She was a broken person. Her life had been nothing but lies and hatred. The one person that had ever loved her was gone but managed to save her soul even from beyond the grave. Now she was alone in the world again but with a true knowledge of the powers that stalk beyond the veil of our reality.

She went quietly mad in the temple in Winterhaven.


The Six Nazhuret