Balgron the Fat


Balgron is the name signed at the bottom of all the missives sent to kobolds underneath Coppernight Hold, the goblins of the [[Broken Tower]] and to Melinda the bandit leader.

He asks for troops and help at Shadowfell Keep and in return promises weapons and equipment with which to defend themselves against the bastard good guys in the land. He promises this in the name of his mysterious master.

The note is written in common so anyone with knowledge of the language should be able to read it. It is as follows:

Kobolds -

This is Balgron. My lord asks you to aid. So I ask you to aid. If so you get gold. If so you get weapon.

How aid for gold and weapon?

Kill any asking about Shadowfell. Kill any going to Shadowfell. Anyone you see going to Shadowfell and kill is good.

More kill is more gold. More kill is more weapon. More power. Balgron’s master says so. Balgron’s master is very powerful. Can grant much power.

Only for kill though.

Balgron’s master is more strong than you. Do not disagree with Balgron or his master. Work with Balgron and his master and profit!

Disregard or work against Balgron and his master and die.

Send reply soon.

—Balgron the Fat

PS: Would hate to ruin your day by killing you.

Balgron the Fat

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