The Six

6 become 3
What's a "combat role" again? OR Rogues make for shitty tanks

The night started pretty late this time. Three of the players were unable / forgot to come that night. The three remaining players and I decided since everything was already set up we’d just go for it. They would each take on one of the characters of the missing three players. They were simply going to go through some other parts of the dungeon crawly section of the keep without much important story going on anyway…

At least, that was my hope. If they had zagged instead of zigged, as it were, it may have turned out very different. But that’s all for a later post.

As we left them last time they had just cleared out the goblin guard room with the pit of rats and were needing to decide whether to pursue the fleeing archer or not.

They decided to take a short rest since everyone had used quite a few of their encounter powers and Typhus was stabilized but not doing very well. After a breather they took a look around the room and found some small treasures including some fancy buttons, a couple of gems, some small change and a really nice sword that had been decorated with silver flames.

Then things got…. Kind of gruesome. Orla had the idea to kill the rats in the pit. She thought they would get some experience points for doing so. The others said it really wouldn’t be worth it. So then she had the idea, presumably because she’s a druid…? Or something…? To FEED them.

By throwing all the dead goblins into the pit.

So, they did.

And just kind of stood around the pit watching as they rats gorged themselves on hobgoblin flesh in an orgy of viscera.

There was some talk of hiding the bodies so as not to cause alarm as justification after that. Not a bad idea, really, had they had it before they threw them in there and watched the spectacle. As it is, I’m pretty sure I’m dealing with a party whose sole goal by level 30 is to usurp the most horrid demons and sit their thrones in ecstatic glory, holding court in city sized abattoirs in the nether regions of the Abyss.

Maybe not though, who knows?

ANYway, after their little diversion they decided to continue in the direction the fleeing goblin went. Opening the door they saw a very long hallway. About 65 feet away they saw the beginnings of the excavation site and the glow from the torches therein. Around thirty feet away on their right they saw a dark stairway leading down into more darkness. Standing in the doorway Orla decided to make a perception check on the hallway. The very, very long, very dark hallway. From the doorway. Thinking she may not be able to see very well down a 65 foot hall with no light sources she remedied that…. Kind of…. By standing of Thorfin’s shoulders while making the check. Still from the doorway.

Somewhat needless to say she didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. So, everyone decided to head on down towards the light. As they get close they hear goblin voices having some sort of argument. Thorfin decides to stop a bit and glance down the dark stairway. Using his dwarven eyesight and dungeoneering he saw that the caverns beyond were natural concavities, obviously older than the tunnels they were in. Other than that he couldn’t determine anything.

Lia attempted to sneak up to the doorway leading into the excavation area. She saw that the floor of this large room had been torn apart. The majority of the area was ten feet below the original floor with small 10×10 foot small “mesas” of the original construction jutting from the lower level. Strewn between these pillars were some planks of wood to act as extremely rickety bridges. There were a couple of rough ladders leading from the lower level to the original level on some of them. Directly in front of the hallway was a wooden ramp leading down to the lower level. In the corner furthest from her she saw a hobgoblin soldier yelling at something on the lower level.

She took this all in moments before she kicked over some empty tankards that were stacked in the corner. At the sound the arguing voices stopped and the soldier looked up. When he saw her he screamed something that none of the non-goblinoid speaking party could decipher but it was undoubtedly a command to attack!

As the hobgoblin raised his sword and pointed, screaming, Caldera rushed past Lia and ran down the ramp straight into the heart of the fray. She took a tight left turn, straight for the raised area the soldier was standing on. Lia followed but continued straight towards a corner behind one of the raised areas. At this time everyone else in the party, including the major damage dealing Thorfin, the battlefield controlling Orla, the distance caster Leucius and the healer / supporter Typhus were still pretty far back down the dark hallway. So no help there with these tactics.

Caldera rushes into the fray.

Alternate view of Caldera's rush

The unseen arguers made themselves seen soon enough. A cadre of hobgoblin archers and their attendant guard drakes were lurking behind the pillars of unexcavated room. The archers fell back and immediately started throwing arrows in the direction of Caldera who was pretty much running straight into the middle of the room. Another came around the corner and shot at Lia. Meanwhile the drakes, small dog-like lizards, ran straight at Caldera, snapping jaws and snarling the whole time.

The rest of the heroes had come around the doorway by now but were still at the top level and not actually in the fray. Leucius fired off a couple of spells and did some damage to an archer, Orla converted to boar form.

The goblin soldier tried to run across one of the planks but the flimsy wood proved no match for his scale armor. He got half way across when a mighty crack! was heard and he fell down hard taking some damage.

Thorfin thought to slide down the slope of the excavation to the lower level but got caught in a mini landslide and went prone. A drake nipped at him while an archer tried to pin him down with arrows but being small already and then again on the ground proved too hard a target to hit.

Caldera then went down, being stuck with multiple arrows and taking the brunt of the assault from two drakes. Typhus went over and was able to heal her back to pretty good shape. He also managed to help out Thorfin with some healing surges. This, along with Orla’s Barkskin spell, allowed Thorfin to make a pretty good showing against the drake and the archer.

Another archer in the middle went down thanks to Leucius’ spells and the bloodied drakes ran, wimpering away, to be cut down by opportunity attacks.

Meanwhile, Lia fought on bravely with the archer in the corner, alone for the time. But help, in the form of Leucius, was coming up behind her.

The soldier, having scrambled up and thrown off the splinters of the makeshift bridge, ran over to a large sack stuffed with alchemical bombs. They had been using them to blow out parts of the floor so the excavation could continue. He now used them as grenades against the party. Fortunately for the heroes, fire does little damage against Tieflings. Typhus and Leucius were unaffected by the blasts.

At this point Thorfin busted out with an amazing power and got some kickass rolls as a result.

Thorfin rolls like a man!

Unfortunately his damage rolls were not so good..

Thorfin fucks up his damage roll like a pussy

Orla successfully ran down the slope and made a vicious charge attack killing two enemies at once. This gave the party the breathing space they needed and they closed in on the soldier and dispatched him.

Moving to mop up one of the two last archers and drakes they heard Lia’s scream from the far side of the room as she went down, dying. Leucius killed him the turn after and stabalized Lia.

They searched around and found some treasures in a pile. Obviously excavated from the room. They also took the remaining alchemical grenades as their own. Deciding to climb to a “mesa” in the corner and throw down all the plank bridges and ladders the party decided to take an extended rest. Orla called upon her spirits to help them and many sprites set up a hidden camp for them. Some goblins did enter the room during their rest but they couldn’t see past the camouflage set up by Orla’s ritual.

Once healed and refreshed the party went back into the long hallway. Standing in the actual hallway they performed another perception check and, GASP! were actually able to see stuff this time!

The discovered a secret door leading into a small stairway. They followed it up to the top which ended in another secret door. Opening it after having made a group stealth check they saw a small, curtained off area containing a cot with a large hobgoblin fast asleep.

Standing in the doorway, hidden as yet from conscious enemies, they wait and decide their next course of action…

Location of each member as the night closed

Shadowfell Foyer Fun!
Chill, dudes! We're just checking out the club! OR Naps before D&D are good.

The Six set out towards the spooky ruins of the ancient keep now known only as Shadowfell Keep.

It’s pretty much just a jumble of stones at this point having been completely destroyed by the last Great Earthquake. Still, someone, or someTHING (goblins, duh) has cleared a path to a trap door to the lower levels.

Opening the trap door they descend on stairs cut into the bedrock….

... And find that the bottom is surprisingly well lit. And watched over by a few feisty looking hobgoblins. Nothing like the goblins the heroes have encountered thus far, the hobgoblins are very militant and extremely disciplined.

They begin to taunt the heroes trying to lure them into a pit trap in the middle of the room. Underneath the pit is a rat swarm.

The heroes, by now no strangers to big holes in the ground hiding bad things, avoid the area as best they can. They go around the central area and try to flank the hobgoblin soldiers while taking some arrows from the ones behind. For a while they hold their own but the sneaky bastard goblins go around the corner and bull rush Caldera into the pit! RATS!

Around this time Meagan, playing Orla, decided that her hard day at work was too much and fell asleep face down on her character sheet. Hey, we’ve all been there…

She was shuffled off to bed and another player took over her character.

The fight continued with some more bullrushes and pit shenanigans. At one point there was a rules breach wherein a goblin should have made a step after rushing but didn’t which allowed Thorfin to come in and do the usual ass kicking. Oh well…. I’ve got to pay more attention or at least not drink as much….


Fuck that….

Anyway, the last hobgoblin soldiers proved to be quite a fight since, for whatever reason, our heroes couldn’t hit the broad side of a fucking barn with a bastard sword or anything else for that matter. They took a bit of a beating and used quite a bit of their resources defeating the guards. But not before, unfortunately for them, one of the archers managed to slip away to the Eastern corridor yelling about intruders.

And this is where we are left…. Moments after a fight with powers used, a sneaky bastard hobgoblin racing off to warn… Something that they’re there. No rests were spoken of so far.

Will our heroes pursue the alarm giver and rush into the next encounter thusly gaining a milestone and an extra action point?

Will they decide to explore one of the other hallways / doorways available to them?

Will they puss out and try to take a rest? If so, will they be able to actually do that since they just busted into a stronghold of the enemy and let someone go that could warn who knows what?

Will they take time to search the area for treasure and hidden doors and what have you thusly giving the enemy more time to mount a formidable defense against them?

Or will they do what adventuring parties always do and come up with some totally random shit that I’ll have not thought of before and have to figure out on the fly?

Time will tell….

And we’ll let you know in the next installment!


Winterhaven Waterfall Wackiness!
FUCK skill challenges! OR With this ring I thee ASS KICK!

After his funky dream Thorfin woke up (the lazy bastard) and was ready to head out with the party again.

And so they did…

Reaching the outskirts of the waterfall camp they saw some bandits through the trees. Making a group stealth check they all were hidden.

Utilizing a surprisingly good set of tactics (given their previous penchant for running straight ahead, bellowing and slashing about with whatever they happened to have on hand), Orla, Lia and Leucius went South to take out the watchers in the creek while Typhus and Caldera went towards the middle section to take out the guard in the magic circle. While this was going on Thorfin and Leucius went north to take out the artillery guard by the mouth of the cave.

All enemies were dispatched post-haste but the archer made it inside which alerted the main body of the bandits.

The heroes followed on their heels.

Some went through the North entrance while some went through the South. As the enemies came in waves they had glimpses of the back rooms and piles of crates, barrels, shelves and other things covered with tarps.

As the third wave of enemies attacked and the the heroes were deeper inside the cave the tarps were cast off to reveal some major bad asses! Including Melinda herself! She had a big ass axe and looked pretty pissed off. She started hacking into those characters that had gotten caught in her corner then, with a wave of her hand, raised the fallen minions as zombie rotters!

Damn! Didn’t see that coming, did you?

At this point I had a complex skill challenge all laid out wherein the characters would try to talk to her while fighting and convince her to put on Kenneth’s ring. Oh, the best laid plans of mice and men and DMs….

They said to hell with that and just grabbed her and forced the ring on her finger…. I didn’t see that one coming… Did I?

Anyway, it worked. She flipped out, started laying into every one of the undead she’d created and then collapsed. The party mopped up the rest of the assholes wandering around.

After a long time trying to convince her that they were friends they got her to not be completely freaked out. She seemed completely broken. She told them some of her story but was otherwise silent.

They decided to take her back to town.

But not before a fairly outlandish scheme was plotted whereby they would send people out to spy on Padraid, Valthrun and Douven all at once in order to find out “what they REALLY know…”

There was talk of torture… AGAIN. Yes, talk of torturing the few NPCs that could actually end up helping them. Keep this up, guys. Seriously. I want you to keep doing it then get to understand that these people are actually trying to help you. Then, when you’re nice and complacent I’m going to have the people you think are your friends actually turn out to be the evil bastards you should have tortured and killed all along! MWAH! HA! HA!... ok… probably not….

Still… lay off the intimidating and torturing of everyone you meet.

In any case these plans were stymied because as soon as they came through the gates the guards started telling everyone that the “heroes of Winterhaven” had returned victorious from their sortie with the bandits! Yay!

They were then led, in no way stealthily, to Padraig.

After a brief audience with Padraig Melinda was sent to the local temple for physical, mental and spiritual healing.

Padraig entreated them to take care of the threat of Orcus and the Shadowfell Keep though he could not offer any more help along those lines.

Talking to Valthrun and Douven the party finds that this set of events may be tied to a much larger plot than they imagine. Douven implores the party to give him the mirror as he suspects it’s an artifact from the time of the Empire’s great age and thus could be of great importance. Having done so he promises to sell a character a ritual of their choice of any level for one tenth off the market price.

He also asks the Six to bring him any information regarding the mirror they can find from the ruins of Shadowfell Keep. When they do he promises to give them a fitting reward.

Valthrun fils them in on the history he knows about the keep. The local lord flipped out and started killing everyone and all of that… Then the earthquake and ruin and fall of the Empire and the place was pretty much forgotten….

They are urged to go out and investigate.

They do so…

Winterhaven and environs
Can't you see I'm WALKING HERE? OR To sleep, perchance to dream of some fucked-up shit.

The Six were making their casual way down the King’s Road towards Winterhaven when they were suddenly beset by bandits. Dicks.

Not much of a fight, really. So they got into the village ok. Asked around about Balgron and Melinda and all of that.

Nobody knows anything about Balgron but Melinda they know as a bandit leader operating somewhere nearby. Valthrun says that there’s a scholar he’s associated with out in the old dump digging up some stuff he thinks may be an old dragon skeleton.

The party goes out there and finds some shady characters accompanied by a literal shade. They try to lure the party into the pit and then attack. As the little gnome that’s apparently the leader dies he says to the shade, “I’m sorry I failed you Kalerel!!”

The party finds the trussed up Douven Staul, an archeologist associated with Valthrun. After freeing him he thanks them by giving them his locket, a powerful item of protection.

They also take a mirror that the evil gnome was brandishing. It’s a small mirror with a silver and platinum dragon eating it’s own tail as a frame.

During this encounter Thorfin was back in bed. He could not be roused at all no matter what the rest of the party tried. He had previously put on the ring found on Kenneth’s body and had the following dream:

As you fade into sleep you begin to dream…

You see yourself chopping wood outside a small cottage. The air is fresh and the sun is out. The feel of the axe in your hands is comforting. The very act of doing good, solid work feels right.

You have a feeling that you’re working towards something. That things are right with the world. You can “see” , in a dream sense, that something is coming over the horizon. Something good. Intensely good.

As you bring the head of the axe down on another log you feel the presence of the person you love more than anything standing next to you.

As you raise your head you can feel a pall come over the world. The sun is slightly less bright, the flowers in the meadow next to the cottage are a bit faded and the buildings seem slightly ramshackle.


You hear the voice of the woman you love calling your name. You look up into her face. You can see the beauty there, black locks of hair falling across her eyes, shapely figure and those eyes… But something is very wrong. Storm clouds gather at the edge of your vision.

Her arms are horribly scarred and there is blood dripping from her nose. On one cheek you can see a dark smudge. It doesn’t appear to be a bruise but rather a mark of some sort.

“Kenneth… Help….”

Hearing the plaintive sound of her voice is like a dagger in your heart. You finally notice that her hands are covered in dark, congealed blood.

Dropping the axe you try to reach out to her. Suddenly dark, ghostly shapes swirl from out of the distant clouds, impossibly fast, to interject themselves between you and your love. They encircle her, mad cackling that sounds like the clatter of dry bones accompanied by the wet sounds of flesh unbound from its skin block out the words you can tell she is now trying to scream at you.

The dark shapes enfold her. They begin to drag her under the very earth you are standing on. Horror, the likes of which you’ve never felt, grips your heart and you can’t make a single move to stop it nor can you even close your eyes or look away.

As her grasping, blood soaked hands flail towards you and just before her eyes are buried by the roiling soil you see one of the black phantoms embed itself into the smudge on her cheek.

It glows an unearthly red and coalesces into the shape of a death’s head with giant ram’s horns jutting out.

After that you see that your love has been completely swallowed up by the rift in the ground.

The shacks are burnt and destroyed, the fields of flowers are a barren wasteland and the sky is a tumult of angry, black clouds from which, not thunderclaps but rather peals of ominous and hideous laughter emanate.

You look about you and despair.


You wake up.

The party goes back to Winterhaven. Padraig, the leader of the town, asks the party to investigate the bandit camp somewhere nearby. Asking about the tavern they find out that the elf hunter Ninaran thinks the bandits are likely holed up in a cave behind a waterfall. She gives them directions and they head out to kick some ass.

Just outside the town walls the bandits attack again. They taunt the Six saying, “You will contribute to our lady’s dowry!” and also claiming justice for the deaths of those others that ambushed them on the way in to town.

The party kicks their asses. But a lesson is learned by Lia. Namely, do not rush into the middle of an ambush when you’re not the strongest person in the party.

The Broken Tower
Who is the bad guy here? OR You must learn to walk before you can fly OR "I just want to drink some grog!"

As The Six set out, they come across a small hamlet on the King’s Road beset by a band of goblins who have taken up shop in a local ruin known as The Broken Tower.

This was run pretty much straight out of the book Dungeon Delve. It’s the second adventure in the book. I did a slight modification on the final boss giving him some beefed up stats because there are six members of the party.

The locals ask that they investigate the tower and destroy the denizens that have been squatters there. They have been raiding their fields and generally been jerks. A simple smash and grab.

As they come upon the tower Orla shape-changed into a very large bee and flew above the tower to scout. Being a druid with the wild shape power this seemed perfectly fine. It was only after she started to fly around I realized that the rules specifically state that movement types are not affected by this change and I had encountered the very reason why in this situation. I told her she could see a room at the top but not really make out any details other than a large chair and some black stuff (the wolves’ bedding) in a corner.

Back down on the ground she changed into a wild boar while the others took up positions on either side of the door. The plan was for Orla to charge about the room being confusing and a general annoyance. The doors were flung open and she charged into the room attacking a group of goblins playing cards at a small table in the middle of the room. Everyone else stormed inside and general mayhem ensued. As each of the surprised goblins died they had but one thing to say. “I just wanted to play some cards and drink some grog!.... Blegh!”

A large bloke in the corner waddled in and caused a bit of consternation for the party but as his minions were dropping like flies he ran back to the corner and wailed on a large gong. After this the party heard some scuffling from upstairs and they knew that the other residents were alerted to their presence.

As the party was wiping up the large bloke went over to to a large, boiling pot of spicy beverage that had been stirred by a now-dead small bloke. As he died from a thrust of Typhus’ sword he tipped over the boiling pot in an attempt to scald the bastards to death. As he did so he screamed, “I JUST WANTED TO DRINK SOME GROG!!!!” Then he died…

Typhus, for his part, nimbly jumped over the wave of boiling grog as did the rest of the party.

They decided to take an extended rest in the basement of the tower despite the fact that the alarm had been raised. Orla used her ritual Create Campsite in the corner of the room to hide them. Some goblins snuck down the stairs from above and saw the carnage all around. The party, being hidden by the spirits of the ritual to look like a stack of crates and shit, were hidden from them. They got scared and went back upstairs granting the party a full rest, hot meal and much jovial posturing and grunting.

On getting to the second floor the were beset by a goblin hexer and some snipers. The whole middle of the floor was a pit trap but they perceived it. Orla changed into an owl and flew over it. I allowed it but this was the last time I would do so. As soon as she got to the other side the hexer blinded her and she took some damage.

Lia was previously bemoaning that her powers against undead were useless but then some skeletons in the corner came to life and she had to revise her thinking. Not to mention all the Orcus shit that was to go down soon but that’s a story for later…

Anyway, they made their way through that floor despite a number of rounds where they should have just jumped over a small fence to kill the snipers.

Then it was on to the last level. Not much to say about that.

Some characters got pushed into the pit in the middle and were set upon by wolves. The goblin underboss tried to bullrush some characters off the edge of the tower but nobody was in a very good position.

They killed all the bastards up on the third floor but not before the underboss yelled, “I JUST WANTED TO DRINK SOME GROG!!”

Amongst the treasures they found a note from Balgron the Fat. The plot thickens….

The story so far... Kobold Kaverns
Lessons on how to fall down holes OR You got to know when to Feystep

The party had initially set out to try to find the main entrance to the kobold caves overland. I tried to do this via a skill challenge. We didn’t really understand how to run one very well though and it devolved into a series of die rolls that ultimately failed. One good thing was when Caldera thought to use streetwise as a skill. She succeeded and found out from some kids that there was a cave somewhere in the wilderness and got the general idea of where it was. The main problem was that I told them it was a skill challenge so they just started yelling out skills and their rolls with no concrete idea of what was happening and they got more failures than successes. It had no narrative structure and was a flop. I have a much better idea on how to run this sort of thing now and wish I could go back and do that one over.

Oh well…

They decided to just go back to the big doors and go in that way.

In the hallways they found a rudimentary trap on the floor. Really just some boards covering a pit. The floor of the pit sloped down into the darkness… One by one they tried to jump over it only to fail and fall in, sliding down to who knows where. Leucius finally made the jump and tried to face off against some kobold cooks that had come round the corner at the sounds. Then a rather imposing looking fellow with a giant cleaver came round the corner and smiled menacingly. Weighing his choices Leucius decided he’d have better luck going down the hole than facing those guys alone. After watching everyone else fail their rolls and fall into the pit, Orla decided to willingly leap into it as to not be stunned at the bottom.

On the slide down into darkness Caldera thought to herself, “Shit! Why the hell didn’t I just Feystep over the fucking thing…?”

They found themselves in a large cavern with huge roots crossing the room. Every surface was covered in a thick, mucky slime and thin rope-like roots dangled from the large boles everywhere the party could see. As they stepped onto the large roots, the smaller ones would start whipping about and doing small amounts of damage to them. They were the roots of a corrupted tree and had tremorsense. The small roots would whip prey to death then the tree would drink the blood of the victims and thus be sustained in its evil existence. They could see three humanoid corpses that had suffered that same fate. Fucking evil tree. Also, there were multiple entrance holes. Some had the detritus from the kitchens around them and another had broken, dead bodies, the sliding tunnel slick with blood. Having made it across the room without taking too much damage they found the freshly disposed bodies of dwarves and one of the human guards they were sent to find.

They also found the body of Kenneth and his note from Melinda along with the ring he was going to wed her with.

As Caldera paused on the other side of the room, stinging whip marks bleeding through her tunic she thought to herself, “Shit! Why the hell didn’t I just Feystep over the fucking things…?”

They climbed up the bloody tunnel and found themselves in a large chamber with columns along the sides and a dark altar to their right. A kobold wyrmpriest was chanting and about to perform a ritual whereby he would stab an evil dagger into the heart of the prisoners trussed behind him. Their life energy would enter the dagger and be redirected to one of the fossilized dragon eggs on the altar bringing them to life and hatching the evil spawn within.

They busted in, had a good fight against some already hatched dragons, the wyrmpriest and some guards. They didn’t manage to save the last of the humans but the other Coppernight brother was saved and all the evil lizards were vanquished. Finding some vats of oil they rolled them into the pit and threw a torch in after it. A great gout of flame erupted from the hole and thus the evil tree was destroyed as well. There was much guffawing and high fives and raucous cheers. Fire reduces the collective intelligence of the party from “moderate” to “backwoods redneck hick.”

Of course, the pit had other entrances and the eruption of flame and smoke alerted the kobolds in the other chambers that something was up. But hey, fire.

Still, they did a pretty good job of cleaning out the rest of the caverns. Some holes were not traversed any better than the first time around but they got the job done well enough.

Having secured the area and saved the brothers they were promised welcome, meat and mead should they ever pass by there again, and indeed word was sent to Hammerfast of their deeds.

The dog tags of the human soldiers were brought back to the village and they were thanked for the information.

Asking about Kenneth and Melinda they were told as much as the village knew or was willing to tell. This, along with a mysterious note to the kobolds asking for troops from someone known as Balgron the Fat, led them to travel Northwest to the small village of Winterhaven.

The story so far... Part Two

The dwarf was in a bad, bad way. He could barely stand and had no weapons or armor. He told his story…

He was one of the Coppernight brothers from Hammerfast. His clan, because of the honor they had gained through battle, was given the right of building a holdfast in the Moon Hills just outside the city of Fallcrest. Some engineer scouts had reported the hills could be a rich source of ore and possibly gems so it was decided to begin a mine underneath the hold as well.

They had finished construction of the feast hall and began work on the mine and topside foundation when they broke through a wall into a pre-existing series of tunnels. This ended up being a storeroom of a kobold warren. Not having enough warriors to clear the tunnels of the vermin yet they set stout oaken doors on the mine.

They heard scrapings, explosions of arcane magics and other, more fearsome noises from the other side of the door but they held fast.

Unfortunately, they did no good.

The scaly little bastards had found the construction site and entered from that side. The dwarves were trapped in their own hold. Kobolds streamed in in greater numbers than the brave Coppernight clan could handle. And… They had a dragon! Well, a baby dragon but still…

The kobolds did not come for slaughter though. They captured as many as they could alive and carried them away. His brother and some humans from the town nearby were taken and he was able to do nothing about it. The kobolds left him for dead at first but the force they left as a garrison realized he was alive and threw him in the dungeon that he had built!

He asked for help in finding his brother and killing the kobolds that dared attack him and his clan.

Needless to say, they accepted the charge…

The story so far... Part One

It started as a cliche. “You’re all sitting in the tavern when this guy walks in…”

Really, there was little need for any sort of introduction. We were all just wanting to get our hands on the new system. They wanted to get into a dungeon and kill some guys and take their stuff and I wanted to pull the levers and flip the switches behind the curtain.

We started out pretty small. First adventure in the book Dungeon Delve. Coppernight Hold. The local townsfolk hired the party to go check out the construction site. A couple of guardsmen were sent up a week ago to say howdy and they never returned. See if you can find them and what the dwarves are up to.

Everything was pretty straightforward. Kobolds died, dwarves got caught under tapestries… You know the sort of thing.

Then the baby white dragon showed up.

Everyone was quite impressed I managed to get both a dungeon AND a dragon for the first adventure we had. Unfortunately (for me) I didn’t play it very well. I pretty much used the crappiest powers and those not very effectively. The tactics of the kobold minions was laughable. The dwarf striker Thorfin pretty much took it out in two turns.

Well, Good for the party, they killed everyone and took their stuff. They even took the magic bear skin rug in the dining hall that was an old family heirloom. Apparently there was talk of hacking it up to make some hide armor. As if the magic effect would still be imbued in it despite the ministrations of amateur fashionistas with swords.

A few things though.
  • One- There’s a big ass wooden door at the end of the hallway with chains and iron bars all over it.
  • Two- There’s no guardsmen from the village to be found.
  • Three- Here’s a dwarf apparently wanting to talk to us about his kidnapped brother, vicious kobold invasions from the deeper sections of the facility and, hey!, can you please put my family’s prized magic bear skin rug back down in front of the table please? Thanks.

Yes, I took it upon myself to expand the dungeon a bit. Test my wings as it were. All in all I thought it went rather well. A couple of stumbling blocks but we’re still having those and likely will up to level 30.

Man, will we ever get there? I hope so. It’s a great game and this is a wonderful group of people to play it with.


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