The Six

The story so far... Part One

It started as a cliche. “You’re all sitting in the tavern when this guy walks in…”

Really, there was little need for any sort of introduction. We were all just wanting to get our hands on the new system. They wanted to get into a dungeon and kill some guys and take their stuff and I wanted to pull the levers and flip the switches behind the curtain.

We started out pretty small. First adventure in the book Dungeon Delve. Coppernight Hold. The local townsfolk hired the party to go check out the construction site. A couple of guardsmen were sent up a week ago to say howdy and they never returned. See if you can find them and what the dwarves are up to.

Everything was pretty straightforward. Kobolds died, dwarves got caught under tapestries… You know the sort of thing.

Then the baby white dragon showed up.

Everyone was quite impressed I managed to get both a dungeon AND a dragon for the first adventure we had. Unfortunately (for me) I didn’t play it very well. I pretty much used the crappiest powers and those not very effectively. The tactics of the kobold minions was laughable. The dwarf striker Thorfin pretty much took it out in two turns.

Well, Good for the party, they killed everyone and took their stuff. They even took the magic bear skin rug in the dining hall that was an old family heirloom. Apparently there was talk of hacking it up to make some hide armor. As if the magic effect would still be imbued in it despite the ministrations of amateur fashionistas with swords.

A few things though.
  • One- There’s a big ass wooden door at the end of the hallway with chains and iron bars all over it.
  • Two- There’s no guardsmen from the village to be found.
  • Three- Here’s a dwarf apparently wanting to talk to us about his kidnapped brother, vicious kobold invasions from the deeper sections of the facility and, hey!, can you please put my family’s prized magic bear skin rug back down in front of the table please? Thanks.

Yes, I took it upon myself to expand the dungeon a bit. Test my wings as it were. All in all I thought it went rather well. A couple of stumbling blocks but we’re still having those and likely will up to level 30.

Man, will we ever get there? I hope so. It’s a great game and this is a wonderful group of people to play it with.



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