The Six

The story so far... Part Two

The dwarf was in a bad, bad way. He could barely stand and had no weapons or armor. He told his story…

He was one of the Coppernight brothers from Hammerfast. His clan, because of the honor they had gained through battle, was given the right of building a holdfast in the Moon Hills just outside the city of Fallcrest. Some engineer scouts had reported the hills could be a rich source of ore and possibly gems so it was decided to begin a mine underneath the hold as well.

They had finished construction of the feast hall and began work on the mine and topside foundation when they broke through a wall into a pre-existing series of tunnels. This ended up being a storeroom of a kobold warren. Not having enough warriors to clear the tunnels of the vermin yet they set stout oaken doors on the mine.

They heard scrapings, explosions of arcane magics and other, more fearsome noises from the other side of the door but they held fast.

Unfortunately, they did no good.

The scaly little bastards had found the construction site and entered from that side. The dwarves were trapped in their own hold. Kobolds streamed in in greater numbers than the brave Coppernight clan could handle. And… They had a dragon! Well, a baby dragon but still…

The kobolds did not come for slaughter though. They captured as many as they could alive and carried them away. His brother and some humans from the town nearby were taken and he was able to do nothing about it. The kobolds left him for dead at first but the force they left as a garrison realized he was alive and threw him in the dungeon that he had built!

He asked for help in finding his brother and killing the kobolds that dared attack him and his clan.

Needless to say, they accepted the charge…



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